Ka – 26

Hair development!
way to be unthankful for living in paradise lopa!

Below is a summary of each page! I might have missed some stuff and passive voice was abused by me:

1 Ka, the first posean is born in a pod like all other poseans

2 She asks and is asked questions, obtains her name (Ka Dimasha), her surname
being her creator's name. Can't think about being -1 y/o

3 names a bug kabug and meets Moi Symax, she thinks he looks a bit dumb, both their elestian creators go to the elestian cloud city.

4 Upon learning Moi is blind (can barely see strong light), she tries to find Moi's creator to get him fixed.

5 She fails and after returning meets Tan (her guardian bot) and Gen (his guardian bot)

6 They meet Webings and are taken to a gathering place in the forest where the rest of around 500 poseans are.

7 They meet one troubled rabbit and an elestian welcome speech begins

8 The speech talks about the mystery of life and vague references to their world's (Posea) purpose and a part in each of them that needs to heal. Angry Ka goes to Dimasha to learn that Moi is blind because his mind chose not to see her ("he would recognize your eyes (...) he would do anything to destroy you")

9 Intrigued Ka asks if Moi has really always been blind, he says yes. Webings notices
it's getting dark and they meet Lopa to try to save the forest from darkness. (she says her real name is too silly and prefers Lopa)

10 They learn about heat and Ka smartly figures out that heat can produce light and they make fire with little
guardian assistance.

11 Lopa is scared of the fire. Moi is taught a not too painful lesson of not touching fire, Webings copies fire.

12 Rabbit and Webings gift fire to the forest and the rabbit quickly finds a purpose that satisfies him.
They talk about life and fall asleep.

13 Ka wakes up from a nightmare about feeling guilty for being told to move a cube and doing it.
Lopa dreamt nightmare about ugly people with fire running towards her. They have fun and find an animal skeleton.

14 They talk about life and death and an elestian descends to begin a therapeutic game after many had had nightmares.

15 They play the game of finding and hugging a pillar. Ka is concerned Moi will fail so she helps him and then most pillars are occupied. A strange-talking penguin shares her situation.

16 Ka doesn't fall for the penguin's likely scam and in a tortoise-and-hare situation loses her desired pillar.

17 She doesn't give up and reaches a cave atop a mountain where another pillar is, surrounded by selgat animals.
She sees the world.

18 Big selgat takes some of Ka's edible flowers and she feeds it. Ka hugs the pillar and experiences something like her nightmare, viewing things in terms of elements she has seen in her short life.

19 Her nightmare plot repeats but a light from the pillar whooshes in and clears the scenario, living a milky cloud that covers Ka in love. Light teaches Ka to call for that love and goes goodbye.

20 Ka scribbles stuff in cave and returns to the forest, where Moi and Lopa have discovered some of the wonders of using sticks.

21 Ka and Moi wear flowers and the 3 of them narrate their experiences. Ka mostly focuses on the wonders she saw from the cave. Lopa's was inside some sort of architecture and a crowd with fire.
Moi's was more abstract and dark and floaty. They both had more light beings than Ka.

22 They meet the penguin again, now he "flies" by using his guardian. Ka quickly destroys his lie. Penguin learns a lesson and is offered being healed in his pod. They discuss why the bot acted that way.

23 Night starts falling again. Webings and Shivo Shivo gather a crowd around Lopa, Ka and Moi to learn how to make fire. Webings and Shivo become besties.

24 Many days pass by, their creations become more polished. They have some more activities and games directed by the elestians, they build, live, experience substances, experiment with early agriculture, etc.

25 Clothed Ka returns from selgat cave and Moi talks about being blind and the inherent quality of experiences that can't be transferred through language. They get ready for a posean meeting.