Ka – 62

sexy times uwu

Summary of pages 1-25

26 Lopa returns after killing animal for mercy with other friends (protecteam). Her & Ka compare main baddie from nightmare.

27 Runia says updates on building and pregnancies, etc. Saving animals from preds is debated.

28 Ka invents voting system of 2 hands for yes, 1 for neutral, 0 for no. they discuss some rules.

29 More rules and Ka says they should build a hall.

30 Ka theorizes days will get colder & rainier. they approve hall idea.

31 During cuddle pile Ka & Moi discuss designing hall and her wanting to demonstrate her leadership.

32 Voting hall designs. Vermily shows stone hall. Dant shows impressive sticks hall. Ka criticizes both.

33 Ka shows theirs. Moi criticizes unstability & burnability of Dant's. Dant's wins popular vote.

34 Protecteam goes out, they didnt let moi join for being blind. They find blood.

35 They find pred eating prey, Lopa wants to kill pred as a way of avenging what happens to her in nightmares.

36 Guardian stops her, says it'd be bad for her conscience and the time to face her big fears isn't now.

37 Ka & Moi figuring out how to farm. They talk about the things that anchor them to the forest and her desire to explore. They get lovey but interrupted by Lopa.

38 Lopa tells them about almost killing pred. Offers Ka a favor for being nice.

39 They go to begin hall construction. Lopa faces her fear about not being covered.

40 Building progresses. Ka still wants more answers about Moi's sight. Ka & Dant co-op and lead.

41 Hall mostly done. Shivo will soon have babies, Webings says elestians will come to meet baby.

42 They inaugurate hall. Vermily is mysterious. Ka salty & disappointed about hall.

43 They celebrate. Ka & Lopa get lovey. Elestians coming.

44 Runia finds Dant outside being gloomy in the rain. Wind knocks tree over hall.

45 As bots rush to stop tree, Ka realizes they are unprotected and hits Moi.

46 Ka fails to apologize, they go out to a safer place Vermily knows.

47 They go to mysterious stone hall while Ka feels guilty.

48 Ka stays out and meets her creator, Dimasha. They talk about her saltiness.

49 Ka updates on how she likes Lopa & Moi. Admits to hitting him. Asks if his sight would be fixed if she wasn't here.

50 Dimasha says yes but Tan wouldn't let her do what she is thinking. She decides to go to Moi. She is 375 days old.

51 Ka apologizes to Moi and they hug.

52 Shivo & Webings' babies are born and get bots.

53 Ka calls for the light's love to wake from nightmare.

54 In hall they discuss lack of food and how guardians can deliver tasteless bars.

55 Protecteam decides to not only save preys but also add members to find food. Moi's request to join rejected again. Moi announces they farmed as ka shares fruits. Says they need to relocate to better farmable lands.

56 Ka explains theory of seasons and need to move North to escape cold.

57 Moi says they need to go North soon before they grow too attached to forest. Dant exposes their ignorance.

58 Moi, Dant & Ka discuss experiments to determine if theory is right.

59 Moi unsure of going north now, they vote against all going north.

60 Ka is cryptic and announces obsession with the ocean and wanting to go to dangerous turbulent place. Tan says he will stop her. Poseans are like wtf.

61 Protecteam recruits. Ka tells Lopa she can't always be there for Moi and gets him in the team.