Characters: ka

Ka – 77

Hi everyone!
I did it after all this time haha

why did it take me this long?
Mainly because I don't want to create exclusive content since it adds to my workload and makes a divide between patrons and non-patrons, also I don't want to nerf my furaffinity account (found here) by delaying posting or only posting sfw versions etc. (this is not a dig at those who do it though!)

why did I do it??
A few people have asked for it (thanks for the motivation :p) and only a few people wanted to use the ko-fi haha, also I could use some funds to eventually get better drawing gear like a better computer and a new tablet one day, plus to pay for the costs of this website that the wonderful Twee is managing (I also write the alt text).

what's there to gain by becoming a patron lol
Well, not much XD it would just be a sweet gesture and there are tiers with some very small rewards, but at the end of the day it's just a tip jar to support me if that's what you want. if not, a fav or a nice comment is also good :·)